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Every company that we deal with is unique. Designing an Internet marketing and SEO solution that suits your particular situation and market is what we do best.

Factors that we take into account when designing a solution are:

  • The competitiveness of your particular market (e.g. vertical).
  • How many key phrases you want to rank well for.
  • How aggressive you are when it comes to search engine placement (e.g. do you want to be at the very top of Google, or in the top 10 listings, etc.).
  • Whether or not a marketing campaign is economically viable for you.
  • Your budget for increasing website traffic.

Solutions are comprised of the following types of search engine work:

  • Website optimization (this includes optimizing existing content, as well as the creation of new SEO web content).
  • A link-building campaign.
  • Monitoring search engine results via web analytics (such as Google Analytics) on a regular basis, and then adjusting key phrases based upon the analytical results.
  • Internet marketing (includes sponsored listings such as Google's Adwords campaigns). Similar to SEO, marketing campaigns should be monitored and adjusted on a regular interval.
  • Social media optimization, which entails social bookmarking, corporate social media accounts (e.g. Facebook Pages) and more.

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