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Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, refers to activities that boost a web site's rankings in the search engines.

On-site optimization is the optimizing of a website's content, internal linking structure and site structure. Off-site optimization are activities that increase a site's ranking that do not involve direct changes to the web site.

Our affordable yet professional SEO campaigns consist of:

  • Thorough keyword research.
  • An exhaustive web site audit, which results in the formulation of short and long term SEO strategies.
  • Optimization of existing web content.
  • The addition of SEO web content to your website, which can be done using various platforms (e.g. not only regular web pages but blogs, videos and other Web 2.0 technology).
  • An off-site optimization campaign, comprised of backlinking and social media campaigns amongst other things.
  • Monthly reporting of your site's search engine rankings.
  • Further on-site optimization based on examination of web analytics data.

Superb SEO web content is part science, part art form, and we are experts at it!

There is a saying in search engine circles, and that is "Content Rules!" A website that has a large amount of optimized text (along with an optimized link structure and site structure) is what the search engines want to see.

Pros of Search Engine Optimization Cons of Search Engine Optimization
Results are long-lasting. Getting into the top of search engines for multiple key phrases can be time and labour intensive, depending on the level of competition.
Many people search organic listings only, and do not bother with sponsored search. Requires time and patience, especially for Google (Yahoo and Bing results usually occur faster than Google).
Results can be measured (this requires a web analytics campaign). Google especially puts heavy weight on the age of the website, so new sites are at an initial disadvantage.
Your audience can be regionally targeted via clever SEO. Top positions are difficult to guarantee (however, with enough time and resources Page1 can get to the top of any category).


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SEO is often one part of a larger solution designed to drive traffic to your website, and then convert it. See our search engine solutions page for more information.


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