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"Internet marketing" refers to all forms of online advertising. The most common form is search engine marketing (SEM), which entails PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns such as Google Adwords, displayed as "Sponsored Listings" at Google. Other common types of online advertising are banner listings and directory listings.

While sponsored listings at the major search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo and Bing) are  a very common form of online marketing, it is important to note that there may be "niche" directories particular to your industry, which can provide an excellent return on your advertising dollar.

There are also some social media sites like Facebook that can be used to deliver your advertising message to potential clients.

Page1 can take care of your online advertising needs by:

  • Taking into account your intended target audience, and looking at things such as age, location and gender.
  • Recommending appropriate places to implement marketing campaigns.
  • Optimizing any existing PPC campaigns (e.g. Google AdWords services).
  • Analyzing your specific industry, and locating any online niche directories that are related to your company.
  • Monitoring PPC results and fine-tuning advertisements to achieve the highest click-through-rate as possible (click-through-rate is the number of people that click on an advertisement divided by the number of ad impressions).
Pros of Search Engine MarketingCons of Search Engine Marketing
Very quick results.Can be expensive, depending on the level of competition.
Optimization has an immediate (and often profound) impact.Increased web activity only occurs while the campaign is active (unlike organic results, which are long-lasting).
Results are easily measured.The cost-per-click eventually increases with time. The amount of increase is determined by the level of competition.
Campaigns can be regionally targeted.  

More Information

SEM is often one part of a larger solution designed to drive traffic to your website, and then convert it. See our search engine solutions page for more information.


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