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Google AdWords PPC Service
SEM: Increase Conversions, Save Money!

Many companies use Google AdWords advertising (also known as PPC, or Pay-Per-Click) to drive action to their web site.

We are SEM (search engine marketing) experts, and our PPC service can maximize your Google AdWords expenditures via:

  • Tight ad targeting and optimized landing pages
  • Goal conversions and values
  • Bid adjustments based on goal conversion analysis
  • A/B and multivariate testing of landing pages via Google Optimizer
  • Highly targeted placements

- We are Google AdWords Certified -

- We have large budget Google AdWords experience (+$250,000/year) -

Page1 SEO has the necessary expertise and services to completely run your PPC campaigns for you. Alternatively we can help out at any point throughtout a campaign's life cycle, assisting with things such as:

  • Keyword research
  • Routine management (e.g. automated rules, alerts, reports etc.)
  • Analysis testing
  • Conversion optimization (i.e. maximizing CPA or cost-per-aquisition)

Please note that our CPA optimization service can result in ROI (return on investment) increases as high as 300%!

Pros of Google AdWords (SEM)Cons of of Google AdWords (SEM)
Drives instant web site action.Can be expensive, depending on the level of competition.
Optimization has an immediate, profound impact.Drives web site traffic only while the campaign is active (unlike organic results, which are long-lasting).
Results are easily measured (works in conjunction with Google Analytics).The cost-per-click eventually increases with time. The amount of increase is determined by the level of competition.
Campaigns can be targeted by region, language and devices.  
Campaigns can be optimized for conversions using A/B and multivariate testing.  

More Information

SEM is often one part of a larger solution designed to drive traffic to your website, and then convert it. See our search engine solutions page for more information.


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