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Create a Google+ Page: Tips and HowTo

Overview of Google+ Pages

Google just launched their latest social media creation called Google+ “pages” a couple of days ago. Like Facebook pages, Google+ pages are designed specifically for companies.

Similar to Facebook pages, Google+ pages can be used to increase brand recognition, monitor customer sentiment and generate backlinks (the gasoline that powers the SEO engine).

Google Plus Page LayoutFigure 1: Google+ Page Layout

The interfaces between the two are radically different, however. Google’s page interface is nice and simple compared to the Facebook page interface, which tends to be quite busy with numerous ads. There is lots of drag’n’drop functionality as well, useful when designing your page.

Creating your Google+ Page

To create a Google Plus page:

  1. Go to Create a Google Plus Page.
  2. Pick a category, whichever is most relevant to your business/company. Tip: notice that you can change the visibility from the default which is “Any Google+ user” (see figure below).Google+ Page Visibility
  3. The next step is to enter your tag line, which typically describes your company. As an SEO guy I can’t help but suggest getting some key phrases in there!Google Page TaglineFigure 3: Tagline and Profile Photo
  4. After this you should upload an image like your company logo. Tip: this is where I had difficulty. After some experimentation and headache I found that things went much better with square images (200px X 200px finally worked). I hope Google improves their online image resizing!
  5. You can finish at this stage by clicking on the Finish button at the bottom. You can share your new page if you want, however, a final tip: view it yourself first just to make sure nothing needs to be tweaked, and then share it with your personal circles.
  6. Once you’ve created your page go to your profile settings  (via the  image toolbar at the top), and edit your profile information in the About tab.

Accessing Your Google+ Page

To access your page go to the top-left of the browser window and hover over your Google profile name. You should see a listbox similar to the one below, click the down arrow and then choose your Google page.

Accessing Google+ Page


4 Responses to “Create a Google+ Page: Tips and HowTo

  1. Martin – Thanks for providing the helpful tutorial. I think I fall into the grumpy old man camp in regard to Google+ Pages. I fail to see how they provide much of a benefit to the typical small business. Does the typical customer of a small business really want to interact with their social media pages? Given how little value most small businesses that do not have an engaged customer base get from Facebook fan pages, I doubt that Google+ pages will be particularly beneficial. However, given the presence of a Plus page may be a ranking factor, it probably behooves a small business to create one. I view this as just another imposition that Google has placed upon businesses.

    Monitoring the interaction with Plus pages from sites with an engaged audience probably will allow Google to enhance their rankings and reduce the influence of spam, so Plus pages are good for Google, despite being of little value to the typical small business.

  2. admin

    You raise some great points Randy. And as the social media arena grows, engaging with people via SM becomes more and more time consuming, which seems to put small business at a disadvantage.

    However, I don’t think Google+ is going away at any time soon, and it will impact the SERPs so SEO people need to take this into account.

    I recommend that SMB leverage social media via Facebook and Google Pages, along with corporate Twitter accounts (LinkedIn is good too). Once the content has been made I would use it to splash company news and tidbits. This doesn’t take too long, and the SMB will get some great SEO benefits in return!

  3. Martin, I tend to agree with a lot of what Randy said. However, I think your point about G+ being here to stay is for real. I am going to set up a G+ page for us soon, so your information is very helpful. I have been trying to read as much as I can about it and it does appear that people are beginning to use it quite a lot. It is probably a must for a small business–even though the recent “proximity lockout” for central cities by google has really hurt a lot of professional businesses that are close to downtown cities, but don’t qualify under the “new rules” even though their address may be within that city. So my feeling is to try and get a good G+ page and hope it helps. Thanks again for the information.

  4. Google + is one of the most helpful social media tool today because of the number of users engaged. They are said to be an effective instrument on internet marketing because most of the users here are indeed online marketers trying to sell products and services.

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