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Search Landscape and SEO Tips for 2012

The search landscape and search engines never stop evolving. How people search for things online changes over time, and the search engines are constantly updating their ranking algorithms.

This blog article discusses trends for 2012 and offers some tips to help you crush your competition online!

To summarize these SEO tips:

SEO Tip #1 – Increase Social Media Involvement
SEO Tip #2 – Plan for Personalized Search
SEO Tip #3 – Optimize for Local Search… Continue reading »

SEO: Is Keyword Density Analysis Dead?

Is the concept of keyword density analysis from an SEO perspective really dead?

Absolutely not! While keyword density has decreased in importance as a ranking factor, there are still reasons why you should run keyword density analysis on your important web pages!… Continue reading »

Create a Google+ Page: Tips and HowTo

Google just launched their latest social media creation called Google+ “pages” a couple of days ago. Like Facebook pages, Google+ pages are designed specifically for companies.

This blog offers instructions on how to create a Google+ page, along with some tips and basic suggestions.… Continue reading »

Using Google Insights for Search

Google Insights for Search is a free tool from Google that provides insight into the level of interest for a given search phrase and is often used in conjunction with the Google Keyword Tool.

Google Insights for Search is especially useful when:

- Performing keyword research at the beginning of an SEO (search engine optimization) campaign
- Determining if there are seasonal search fluctuations for a given search phrase
- Determining the popularity of a given search phrase over time (increasing, decreasing or steady)
- Identifying levels of regional interest for a given search phrase
- Analyzing your web analytics data (e.g. ranking reports and visitor action) during an SEO campaign
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Google Keyword Tool: Best Practices

This SEO blog article concentrates on using the free Google Keyword Tool to identify target key phrases for a web site. While the Google Keyword Tool is geared towards use with an AdWords campaign, it is also relevant for general keyword research.

Get started with your keyword research by writing out any and all possible target key phrases that apply to the web site. If you are working on behalf of a client (i.e. you do not own the web site in question) then have a conversation with a knowledgeable person affiliated with the web site and get some feedback regarding potential target keywords.… Continue reading »

Google AdWords Conversions and Non E-Commerce Sites

If you are serious about optimizing your Google AdWords campaign then implementing conversion tracking is a must.

Conversion tracking for eCommerce web sites is usually straightforward: a conversion is defined as an eCommerce sale. Conversion values can be obtained by examining the revenue generated from those sales and the amount of money spent on the AdWords campaign.

However, many web sites that are not eCommerce sites also have AdWords campaigns, and the question arises: how to define conversions?… Continue reading »

Welcome to the SEO Blog

We are excited to announce the launch of our new SEO blog, which will have useful articles concerning:

– Search engine optimization (SEO)
– Internet marketing (in particular PPC such as Google AdWords)
– Web analytics (such as Google Analytics)
– Social media campaigns
– The search landscape

We will also be writing about current trends and changes regarding search engines and online search in general.… Continue reading »